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US Patents: 7,938,163 - 8,365,805

Screen Wall System Connecticut Screen Works ® CLICK HERE for .pdf version CLICK HERE for .pdf version CLICK HERE for .pdf version CLICK HERE for .pdf version Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® ”r” Channel Notching … Proper installation of the “r” channel requires notches be created so a  clean and flat installation will be achieved. This is simply done by a hacksaw or power chop saw in one of two typical fashions. Double Notch: Cut two small notches using a hack saw or chop saw. Cut the sides of each notch and then use a Channel Lock or other   type tool and bend the tab back and forth until it breaks out. Install “r” channel attaching screws following the standard screw pattern detailed for installation screws. 6” from each end and them every 24” or 36” based upon insert usage or not.