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US Patents: 7,938,163 - 8,365,805

Screen Wall System Connecticut Screen Works ® Assembly should be performed 1 corner and 1 frame at a time. (Do not pre-drill or pre-install corner inserts.) Insert a corner insert into 1 end of a width cut. Install a Height cut onto the  opposite end to form a right angle. Place corner assembly into a holding jig. Position so corner is clean and tight. As shown, a fancy jig is not required. It simply must hold the frame square, level and tight. Using a #26 drill bit, drill 1 hole at any of the 4 drilling positions. Drilling positions are centered on the drill line and positioned at 1-1/2" and 3-1/4" from outside edge in on all corners. Install 1 assembly screw into the drilled hole. Install 1 assembly screw in the drilled hole. Using a #26 drill bit, drill the remaining 2 holes and install assembly screws. Ensure all 4 assembly screws are secure. Remove the assembled corner from your jig and blow out all debris. Place corner insert into shortest leg of your assembly. Install the next leg of your frame onto the corner insert. Secure this corner into your jig and follow the exact same drilling and screwing procedure used with the First corner. After two corners are assembled, insert the remaining two corner inserts into both ends of the final extrusion cut. Pre-assemble the frame by installing the corner inserts into the 3 sided frame already assembled. Drill and screw assemble the remaining two corners following the exact same drilling and screwing procedure from above.  Repeat the assembly process for each frame required. Counter sink all drill holes. Secure both ends of the Divider Extrusion with two Divider Installation Screws per side. Screws should be set snug. Completed installation shown from both sides - above.  Repeat procedure for each Divider Extrusion to be installed. This procedure is the same for all installations: Divider Extrusion to Master Frame and Divider Extrusion to Divider Extrusion.